Arise in South Africa 2022 – 45 Days and Counting!!!

The trip you’ve all been waiting to happen! Arise Radio is going to South Africa and we’d love for all of you to come along for the ride. We’ll be going to South Africa from December 21, 2022 – January 3, 2023, and since posting about our upcoming journey on our Facebook page, the response has been overwhelming. We at Arise Radio can’t wait to take in all this journey will bring, along with you. Its a 14 day, 3 city tour of one of the most beautiful countries in the world that starts in Johannesburg for 5 days including Christmas, then on to Cape Town for 3 days, and culminates in bringing in the New Year on a 5 day stay on the sandy beaches of Durban. Trust me when i say, the views, music, food, people, and culture will take your breath away and change your life. But wait, there’s more…

Not only will we be taking in all that South Africa has to offer, Arise Radio will also be hosting three events, one in each city, of the best in house music from around the globe, to make this trip even more special. We’ve worked overtime to secure the perfect lineup of artists to soothe the musical tastes of the local palette, while making the visitors to South Africa, the largest house music market in the world, feel right at home. Now please don’t think this trip is all about partying and house music. Though its an integral part of the journey, we’ll also have tours & excursions scheduled for us to see all the sights and sounds that make South Africa what it is today, the Crown Jewel of the continent where life on this planet all began.

With deposits as low as $200, you can secure your spot on the trip that everyone will be talking about for years to come!

These initial deposits will be taken to reserve your HOTEL/RESORT STAY ONLY! Flights for those dates can only be booked, at the earliest, in February 2022. If you choose to book your flights with us after Feb, it will then be added to your payment plan. There are 3 trip options:

Trip option 1: $300 Deposit
14 days (Dec 21 – Jan 3)
5 days in Johannesburg (Dec 21-Dec 26)
3 days in Cape Town (Dec 26-Dec 29)
5 days in Durban (Dec 29-Jan 3)

Prices as low as $1,368 per person (double occupancy)

Prices as low as $1,971 (single occupancy)

Trip option 2: $200 Deposit
8 days (Dec 21-Dec 29)
5 days in Johannesburg (Dec 21-Dec 26)
3 days in Cape Town (Dec 26-Dec 29)

Prices as low as $900 per person (double occupancy)

Prices as low as $1,064 (single occupancy)

Trip option 3: $200 Deposit
8 days (Dec 26-Jan 3)
3 days in Cape Town (Dec 26-Dec 29)
5 days in Durban (Dec 29-Jan 3)

Prices as low as $949 per person (double occupancy)

Prices as low as $1,388 (single occupancy)

You will have multiple hotel options to choose from in EACH CITY. Of course, the 8 day trip options will be cheaper, as well as picking the less expensive hotel options will also lower the costs. We’re doing all we can to make this trip as affordable as possible for everyone.

All of the hotels on our journey provide free breakfast, free wifi, and a host of other amenities. Unfortunately, none of our hotels offer all-inclusive packages. Dinner, lunch, and other meals are not included in any of our trip packages.


We’ve listened to your countless phone calls, numerous messages, read dozens of your emails, texts, and inboxes, so now we’ve posted the SINGLE ROOM RATES from 8 of our 9 hotels. The prices vary drastically from some hotel rates being twice or nearly twice the double occupancy rate, some rates being near or around the double occupancy rate, and in one case, the single room rate is actually CHEAPER than the double room rate.

All prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed until booked.

Also, a $200 “Arise In South Africa” fee will be added, in 4 $50 installments, to your initial deposit and first 3 monthly payments. This AISA fee is per person, not per booking, so if you’re booking multiple people at once, the AISA fee will be assessed for each of you.

Please read the “How To Book…” instructions at the link below before starting the booking process.

Robyn Carter of RCM Travel has been working tirelessly to make it happen and she and I will be available for any and all concerns and questions regarding the trip, single & triple occupancy options, and alternative payment scheduling throughout the entire process. We hope you’re looking forward to this as much as we are, as I know after this trip, you’ll never be the same.

Thanks in advance,
Jozana Sithole
Arise Radio

Robyn Carter
RCM Travel Inc.

(Hotel and Flight Packages)

Toi Foster

FSG Travel

(Hotel Packages Only)

(312) 375-2516



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Arise in South Africa 2022

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