Arise in South Africa 2022 – A Trip to Remember, Always!!!

Well…what can I say, it’s been 4 months and I’m finally able to put together in words what this trip meant to me. It was the culmination of a dream I’ve had for over 20 years, and for it finally to come to fruition felt better than I imagined it would. Though there were countless hiccups and wrenches thrown our way, the trip still ended up being “life-changing” for those who took a chance on us putting together our very first excursion. We made mistakes, too many to mention, but the patience with which our travelers displayed in being able to pivot and adjust was felt with nothing but love. They covered me in every way, shape, and form and for that I will always be eternally grateful. To those 42 people who graced our maiden voyage to the motherland, and I’m including the 9 who couldn’t make it due to weather related airline cancellations, the love I have for you all has no limits and I truly appreciate the trust you put in me.  

    I want to thank our travel agent Robyn Carter, who worked tirelessly to make it come together. Through countless curveballs thrown her way, Robyn made it as effortless as possible for all our guests. I also have to thank two people, Bongi Sithole & Lashanda Gill-Brooks, who both helped me so much behind the scenes that words can’t describe my gratitude. I learned a lot from doing this trip and even though I’d been to South Africa many times, those trips were always to visit and see family, so this was my first time going as a tourist. I was learning many things about the country, just as you were, and you all never held that against me. It was a supreme learning experience, and those lessons are what i will use to make sure AISA 2024 is an even much more rewarding experience.  Please feel free to peruse our trip photo albums at the links below and email us at to be added to our email list, and receive all info and updates for AISA 2024!

Johannesburg Photo Album

Cape Town Photo Album

Durban Photo Album

Safaris & Tours Photo Album

Thanks in advance,
Jozana Sithole
Arise Radio

All photos of the Arise in South Africa 2022 journey posted on this website were taken and shared by our amazing guests, who brought their glorious energy and enthusiasm made this a trip to be remembered.