Frequently Asked Questions

The response from those interested in taking this journey with us has been overwhelming, as the notes, questions, and bookings have come in from literally all over the world about our event. In this forum, we would like to address many of the most common questions brought to us about our trip, and also allow you to send your concerns to us directly at the bottom of this page.

Do I need a visa to travel to South Africa?

No, you do not. United states citizens are allowed to travel to South Africa for up to 90 days, visa free. If your passport is from another country, you can go to to see the requirements for nationals from your country of origin to enter South Africa.

Do i need to be Covid vaccinated to travel to South Africa?

YES! All travelers must complete a screening form within 48 hours of their trip to produce on their device at the airport. On arrival, they must present a paper copy of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. It must be signed by the person who took the test. You should take several copies, in case you have to hand them over at different stages. Those arriving without a test will be subject to an antigen test and will be quarantined for 10 days at their own expense if they test positive.

Do I need any other shots or vaccines to travel to South Africa?

No, no other shots or vaccines are required to enter South Africa, when coming from the United States.

What are the best travel routes to South Africa

There are several direct flight options from the United States to South Africa. United Airlines flies direct from Newark, New Jersey to Johannesburg & Cape Town, Delta flies direct from Atlanta to Johannesburg, and South African Airways flies direct from New York, Washington DC and Atlanta to Johannesburg. New York to Johannesburg is 17.5 hrs, DC to Johannesburg is 16 hrs, and Atlanta to Johannesburg is 14.5 hrs. If you’re considering flying through Europe, its usually an 8 hr flight(from Chicago for example) to multiple European destinations, then a 10 hr flight from Europe to South Africa. Those routes are usually cheaper, but can have long layovers (10 to 16 hrs) in those European cities so you can see those cities for those hours, but that can add an extra day to your travel.

Are all the artists on your lineup playing at all three AISA events?

No, the artists on the advertised lineup, along with those soon to be added to the lineup, will be split up between the three cities. No artist or Dj will be performing at more than one event.

Please feel free to add whatever comments, questions, or concerns you have in the comment section below