AISA – Party Passes, Day Tours, & Ground Transportation

AISA Parties & Party Passes

If there’s one thing South Africa is known for during the month of December, its partying, and partying to house music is what they do best. So we’ve put together party pass packages that not only gain you access to all 3 Arise In South Africa events on this adventure, but also will allow you free entrance to multiple parties, events, and nightclubs throughout the cities, where AISA passes are honored. Nightly bus transportation to and from the events is included in the party pass pricing.

AISA 2022 – Day Tours

We’re well aware that South Africa is a lot more than just house music, and many of you would like to visit the historical and cultural tourist attractions, landmarks, and museums that make this country one of the most beautiful in the world, so we’ve put together several days of ventures in each of the cities for us to see all that South Africa has to offer.

AISA 2022 – Ground Transportation

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