Durban – Umhlanga

uMhlanga, alternatively rendered Umhlanga, is a residential, commercial and resort town north of Durban on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is part of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, which was created in 2000 and includes the greater Durban area. The history of Umhlanga Rocks is really interesting. Umhlanga Rocks was initially home to San hunter-gatherers and was later occupied by Nguni-speaking people who were united under King Shaka in the early 1800’s into the proud Zulu nation. The Umhlanga Area came under British control soon after, becoming part of the large Estate belonging to the great sugar magnate, Sir Marshall Campbell. uMhlanga derives its name from the Zulu language and means “place of reeds”, referring to the beds of reeds growing along the Ohlanga River North of uMhlanga Rocks. The slideshow below consists of many pictures of the beautiful and captivating area of uMhlanga.

For AISA 2024, we’ll be moving the third leg of our journey to Umhlanga Beach area in Durban, as opposed to our 2022 destination of Durban City limit Beach. Don’t be misunderstood, we had a blast in Durban proper in 2022 and the sights, sounds, accommodations were top notch, but the move in 2024 to Umhlanga Beach will provide a safer environment with a lot more options within walking distance in regards to shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. This will mean a price increase with the hotels on Umhlanga Beach, compared to the Durban Beach prices from 2022, but we feel its in the best interest of our guests and their enjoyment to make this move. Below are pics from our trip to Durban in 2022 and were graciously shared from our guests.

Our three Umhlanga hotels are all within walking distance of each other, with the beach being right down the street. The shops, restaurants, and nightlife options within a few steps from our accommodations is unlimited. We’re sure that our guests will enjoy our seamless transition to Umhlanga beach with vigor and gusto.

Durban-Umhlanga Local Attractions

Sibiya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom

Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve

Gateway Theatre of Shopping

Umhlanga Main Beach Promenade

Chris Saunders Park

Whalebone Pier Umhlanga

AISA 2024 Durban Umhlanga Events

As we close out our mystical journey in Durban-Umhlanga, we’ve curated our events to invite us to kick our feet up, while still dancing to the best in house music, but also appreciate the energy we’ve spent and give our bodies a relaxing atmosphere.