How To Book Instructions

Since announcing this adventure and accepting deposits on December 17,2021 we’ve had a few instances of confusion in the arranged booking process, so we’ve now added these step by step instructions that will hopefully make the process as painless as possible.

The first thing you’ll do is go to the main page and hit the ‘Arise in South Africa 2022’ link on the top menu and it’ll bring up this page, Read all the pertinent information and when you get to the bottom, hit the “Let’s get started” button, which will take you to the Johannesburg page. Check out our 3 hotel options in Joburg, compare the prices, and at the bottom you can hit the Cape Town button. Check out the Cape Town hotels, and at the bottom, hit the link to the Durban page. After checking the Durban prices, scroll to the bottom of the Durban page where there’s a “Let’s get booked” button which will direct you to our booking form. Fill it out and when you’re done, hit submit. At this point you’ll be redirected to the page to pay our $200 AISA Convenience fee. You can either pay it in full, or pay $50, with the remaining balance paid in 3 $50 payments added to your first 3 monthly payment plan installments. This payment must be made to continue to booking. After payment, you’ll be directed to our shop page to pick your hotels and place your order. Each time you pick a hotel in each city, it will send you to checkout. Just hit the back button in your browser to make your other hotel selections. Once you’ve picked each of your hotels, you can checkout and place your order. When your order is placed, you will not be charged. Your order will be sent to Robyn Carter of RCM Travel and she will contact you within 24 hrs to take your hotel deposit payment