AISA Convenience Fee Deposit

A $200 per person convenience fee will be charged for everyone partaking in this adventure with us. This fee is not to be confused with your hotel payments. This AISA convenience fee can be paid two ways. It can be paid in full, $200 at once, or can be paid in 4 $50 installments with the first $50 paid here. The initial $50 must be paid to continue on to booking. Make sure to hit the drop down arrow to see all your payment options. All travelers who choose the deposit option will have the remaining 3 payments added to your hotel booking monthly payments. The $50 convenience fee deposit is non-refundable.

This convenience fee is not your hotel deposit and does not secure your room!


After making this payment, you will be redirected to our Shop page to make your hotel selections. When choosing each hotel, you will be sent to the checkout. Just use the back button in your browser to go back and make your selections for the remaining cities. Don’t worry, the cart will save your previous choices. There you will place your order, then you will be contacted by Robyn Carter of RCN travel and she will take your hotel deposit, and you’ll be officially booked!